more thoughts on unmade beds

Perhaps I should insist on bedmaking as a political gesture.  If I don’t demand that beds get made, am I, in my own small way, perpetuating the patriarchy?  Am I abdicating my stated goal of rearing three boys who will up the consciousness-quotient of the male gender?

I read recently that even in households where both parents work, women still do more household chores than men.  Surely this is the result of years of conditioning.  But isn’t it possible that the most devious result of said conditioning is that women simply care more than men about household chores?  I know I care more about the house being clean than all four of the men and soon-to-be-men in my life combined. 

I am comfortable insisting on reasonably high levels of neatness for our communal spaces.  But as far as their private spaces go, so long as the state of their rooms does not negatively impact the ultimate selling price of our house, I find I don’t really care what kind of chaos they live in. 

Liberation takes many forms.  Not caring is definitely one of them.


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