war of the worlds

This morning, Oldest called me into his room while he was still half asleep.  I sat on the edge of the bed and asked him if he had any dreams.

"I dreamt that you and I were in the War of the Worlds.  Only I knew how it ended."

I asked for more details but the rest of the dream was gone, lost to daylight.

After he left for school, I thought about his dream.  I barely remember the movie. I know there were large, overwhelmingly powerful
and merciless aliens intent on destroying humanity.   The humans, naturally, fight
back.  I don’t remember how it ends. What interests me is that in the dream he knew something that I did not.  He had some power.  I think this might be progress.   

My instinct is that he feels he is in a war between childhood and adulthood.  He sees the two states as separate, distinct as planets.  But in this one morning, he called me into his room like a toddler who cannot yet climb out of his crib and then he told me he knew more than me.   He inhabits both worlds at once.

At least we are in them together.


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