Tall guy walking on Ocean Blvd tonight 7:00 p.m. – w4m

It’s official.  Everything is now digital. Here are some of the things I do digitally on a staggeringly regular basis:  shop, read the news, get directions, bank, invest, communicate with all and sundry, blog, pay taxes, help with homework, organize meetings, schedule the summer house I share with my many siblings, search for what I do not know.  But I have never done this…

"Post office picking up an ebay delivery
of course too chicken to say anything so posting this- thought you were
beautiful- i was in black sweatshirt picking up a package at the same

or this

"You Swiped a Napkin from me at New York Bagel and Cafe – m4w – 23
I thought you were so good looking… I wanted to give you my number as well… I was in the red mustang and you waved at me as i left….Email me back if you see this by any chance… "

There is now a name for those fleeting moments – in a coffee shop, at a stoplight, in the video store – the moments where you connect with a perfect stranger in something that approximates this order:  inadvertent eye contact, hold for a beat, smile, maybe make some inconsequential small talk, get your tea, leave wondering what if… Was he, actually, you know, the One?  Should you have a)asked for his number? b)his name? c)his cell or email?  Should you a)divorce your husband and b)begin haunting the coffee shop, stoplight, video store until you see him again?

Or should you just visit craigslist.com > personals > missed connections and post in an attempt to get back the moment, claim it, change it, digitize it?

Ephemera. Life used to be full of it. 


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