motherly advice in five words or less

Do not get me started on men and their unwillingness to prepare for disaster –  I’m too busy working on my earthquake supplies.

Before heading to Mammoth the other day, the Tastemaker asked his father if he needed to get chains. Mate replied airily, "if it is snowing, you can always get them on the side of the road."  NOT.  Cut to our Oldest skidding dangerously close to four snowbanks and a bus.  Though he walked through the snow to a store to buy the now-painfully-obviously-necessary chains, he has not driven again.    He is, he tells me via iChat, "sketched about driving."


"I don’t know what ‘sketched’ means."


"It must have been pretty scary the other day…"

"I got chain tighteners."

"Sounds good."

"So I might venture out in the car."

"Be brave.  But not stupid."




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