new year's resolution

I have a theory about New Year’s Resolutions:  Don’t make ones that you can fail at by, say, January 10th.  Normally, I come up with things like:  Tolerate Complexity or Tolerate Uncertainty or Tolerate the Fact That We Are All Going To Die. 

This year, I was surprised to find that nothing had come to mind before the big day.  Nada.  Zip. I was a little disappointed, but one of my past New Year’s resolutions was to work less and allow more, so I let it be.

New Year’s Eve came and went.

New Year’s Day came and went.

And then last night I had a dream.  I don’t even remember, now, what the dream was, but I woke up and knew my New Year’s Resolution…

Connect to something bigger than yourself.

So, in the interests of not failing on January 2, I invite you to check out if child slavery is likely to be used in the production of the chocolate you buy.

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