resolution, uh, Wednesday?

Why is it that New Year’s Resolutions, no matter how good they are, are so freakin’ forgettable?  They slip your mind.  Things come up.  Before you know it, it is May and not only have you not accomplished what you vowed to do on January first, you can no longer even remember what it was in the first place.

I vowed to use this blog every Tuesday to revisit my resolution by inviting anyone who stumbled upon this page to go somewhere where they could make a difference.  Did I do that yesterday?  Uh, no.  I was all involved with my own tiny, albeit expanding, heart.

To make up for being so lame as to space my resolution BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY, I invite you to join me and become, without ever leaving your chair, a venture philanthropist.


One thought on “resolution, uh, Wednesday?

  1. Kiva is a wonderful organization! I blogged about it a while back as my brother gave us a gift certificate to use on the site.
    Cool idea for your Tuesday posts, by the way.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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