how to suffer defeat at any age


Make art.


2 thoughts on “how to suffer defeat at any age

  1. What’s the story about this piece of art?
    I know the feeling, though. I love to make art, but I am not very good at it. But I still bring my watercolors on vacation with me, and try pottery, etc. My friend who is an artist says she, um, admires my bravery or fortitude or something.
    In fact, the urge to make art is creeping up on me right now, prompted by your post.
    It’s all about process….right?

  2. In an arts elective at school the day after his beloved Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl defeat, Youngest took a polaroid of the Bears’ logo, and then manipulated it into this image. BTW, this could easily serve as Exhibit A in the paper titled “Why I Send My Child to a Progressive School Despite Its Utter Failure to Teach Him Math”. Youngest is still processing his defeat – he now plans to play Pop Warner football next year.
    I really hope he sticks with the art instead.

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