jacked iChat

     This afternoon, as Youngest was making his after-school PB & J, I iChatted with Oldest about why he has yet to set up his own ebay account and, even more pressing, what possessed him to bid on a Jurassic Park tshirt.  I then remarked that Youngest had spent the weekend at the California State Junior Classical League Convention.  Before you waste a minute of your time being impressed, I feel obliged to let you know that my Youngest did not sign up for any of the available workshops, which included the always-popular interpretation of Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” and a no-doubt sold-out “Gregorian Chant”.   No, my little scholar signed up for the two mandatory tests and then opted for every available sporting event.  Oldest, who back in the day attended a few Latin Conventions himself, asked…


have fun?

He says it was "hella tight."* He was partying with a lot of high schoolers.

thats ill.** tell him i want details

he says it was "strung up hyphy"***

tell him i like the use of the lingo hyphy, but he should drop hella

how come?****

hyphy is good nor cal lingo. hella is not.  tell him that whenever he feels like saying hella to just say "mad" instead*****

He says he is taking the advice of Kevin Hwa and Melissa Chen, his newfound best friends from 11th grade in norcal.

tell him hella is not good and people will make fun of you if you’re anywhere but norcal******

I relay this information to Youngest, who elbows me out of the way and takes over.

thats what it was like during the FIRST two hours of school. now people say it. i’m just cool like that

ha i’m sure you are.  But it does sound stupid… so are u listening to mac dre? and keek the sneek? and e 40?


they’re all nor cal rappers. they invented hyphy

haha. they suck. ********


* I want to ask for a definition, or at least a clarification, but restrain myself out of a misplaced and fruitless attempt to appear cool.
** Ditto
***They spend the first three years trying to figure out what you are saying, you spend the rest of your life trying to figure out what they are saying.
****I can no longer restrain myself.
***** I knew all that private school tuition would pay off someday.
******From 3000 miles away, Oldest is actually looking out for his younger brother. Yesss.
*******   Youngest is as lost as I am. This pleases me to a humiliating degree.
******** That’s gratitude for ya.


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