My Valentine's Day, or, as Middle's friends like to call it…

…National Premarital Sex Day.

I had the following iChat exchange with Oldest:
Me:  I have two gift certificates to Itunes that I gave you that you never cashed
Him:  tatd be nice
Me: What’ll you give me for the serial numbers?
HIm: ha
Me:  You haven’t even asked me to be your Valentine!
Him:  ha.  be my valentine
Me:  Oh, all right.  If you insist.
Him:  I do.


Color me an enabler, but today I bought a Valentine’s Day present for Middle to give to his girlfriend.  She is very sweet and  invariably showers him with gifts, writes him adorable notes, and generally expresses her love for him in appropriate holiday-inspired ways.  Though his affections are absolutely equal to hers, he simply does not think about the procurement of gifts.   Though he appreciates the largesse she gives him, the idea that maybe he should reciprocate now and then, well, that doesn’t seem to cross his mind with any regularity – or at least not when he has any money in the bank.  The plotting, hunting and purchasing of gifts is just not on his radar.   But raising boys can teach you truths about men that you never picked up in all your 48 years of dealing with them,  because today, as I handed over my credit card, I really understood that the fact that he doesn’t hand over the swag doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her.   Now there’s a gift.

Youngest and I shared two small boxes of Sees Candy and then I dropped him off at the orthodontist to get his braces fixed.


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