Resolution Tuesday

On Tuesdays, I revisit my New Year’s resolution to connect to something bigger than myself. 

The only thing more painful than watching someone you love struggle with the demons of depression is watching someone you love wrestle those demons without any help. So today, for anyone who has a loved one suffering from depression, I’m here to tell you that every member of your family needs and deserves help.


2 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday

  1. I’ve never had this experience but have had friends that struggle with it. It makes me ache for them and their families.
    And I admire you for reviewing your goals regularly, that’s the only way to get anywhere. You must be pretty organized.

  2. I like to think I am pretty organized but my Mate and children seem to prefer the term “obsessive compulsive.” That said, using the blog to help me realize my resolution on a weekly basis has been a very pleasant surprise. I’m not sure what the mechanism is that is at work, exactly, but there is something about putting the commitment into the public sphere that keeps me coming back. I guess it is the equivalent of making a promise out loud instead of just to yourself. I feel more responsibility to follow through.

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