Resolution Tuesday

I have a discovered that I have significant aversion to the word “blogosphere”. In my humble opinion, as my mother used to say when she was about to ram an opinion down your throat, blogosphere is just too ugly and clumsy a word to use on a regular basis.  So today, I am starting a one woman boycott of it because, you know, I have the time. I am going to use blogland instead.  I am convinced it is a much more melodious and evocative alternative.  Join me in my small crusade, won’t you?

Anyway, the real purpose of Tuesdays in my little corner of blogland is to revisit my New Year’s resolution.  And somewhere out there is the person through whom I found today’s connection to something bigger than myself.  I thought I had created a spot for her somewhere in my beloved Scrivener, on one of the ultra cool little index cards that I make when I have an idea for a post and want to stash it somewhere because I am too busy boycotting the word blogosphere  to write my blog.  But it is gone. Gone, I tell you.

So, if you are here, please raise your hand and let me thank you properly, with gusto and a link, because this is one great way to make a very immediate impact on a needy public school classroom.

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