that's so juvenile…

Youngest and I are driving to pick up take-out.  He’s mad at me because I forced him to come.  I didn’t want to have to park.   He will run in and get the food while I idle illegally outside La Salsa.  He deliberately picks a song on the iPod connected to the radio that he knows I will hate.  Head-banging, heavy-metal rock.  I groan. He looks over at me slyly.  I grab the iPod and he grabs it back.

“That’s so juvenile,” I say.

“So what?” he replies, “I am a juvenile.  If I went to jail, I’d go to juvie.”

He stares at me.  What’s my excuse?  I shrug. 

What can I say?  Every now and then, time collapses right out from under you.

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