Resolution Tuesday

We have a not-nearly-used-enough drumset to give away (Youngest has now worked his way through the cello, the alto sax and the drums.  Enough with the musical experimentation.)  I thought of selling the drums on craigslist, but since it is Resolution Tuesday, I arranged to donate them instead.


6 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday

  1. is that the school Flea started? excellent donation. I have my son’s old clarinet tucked beside our piano, but he may someday pick it up again (and add to his list of piano, bass, and guitar. Instruments in our house next get a chance to feel neglected.)

  2. deezee, yes that is the school. I have a clarinet playing son too – Middle has been playing since second grade. But Youngest, while a faithful soul, has yet to find a musical instrument with which he can have anything but a torrid and extremely brief affair.

  3. I’m definitely “old school”
    I always afforded my children to try whatever new venture, whether it be dance or music or sports–with one stipulation: You must finish what you start.
    Worked pretty well for us. One daughter played cello from middle through high school, while the other played flute and piano.

  4. He’s not quite old enough to make serious commitments to musical instruments yet but I’m kind of hoping he’ll be a drummer. I’ve always been short a drummer in every band I’ve ever been played in.

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