apropos of past conversations about gender and mothering…

Courtesy of wanderingstan via Tara and the burgeoning science of gender modeling, you might want to go visit this Gender Genie.  You can input text you have written and it will theoretically (emphasis on the theoretically) tell you if you are male or female.

I put in two entries from my blog and they both came back MALE! 

Due to this unexpected finding, I now have some seasonally appropriate chicken-or-egg-type questions:

Did I always write like a man and, therefore, due to an innate and language-based understanding of men, find boys so easy to mother?

Or, do I now write like a man as the result of spending so much time with the boys I have mothered?


7 thoughts on “apropos of past conversations about gender and mothering…

  1. Hey, I put in two, and they both came back male, too!
    So, either we are wanna-be men, or male sympathizers, or that genie doesn’t work!

  2. I think you’re making too big of an assumption with too little info. Because I put in three posts, and two came back male (the one that came back female talked about …. yarn [those researchers are so sexist!]), and you know I’ve got two girls.
    Sorry, but I will steal this link and use it today, since I’ve got too much going on to actually do my own writing!

  3. I submitted two posts and both came back with slightly higher female numbers. I am convinced this must be somehow related to raising two daughters…

  4. Valle, I am going with “that genie doesn’t work.”
    Imperatrix, steal away!
    Stan, thanks for the clarification. Rudimentary indeed.
    Venessa, lucky you.
    Mizmell, ditto.
    (un)relaxed dad, thinking about gender and language is indeed compelling. And just plain fun.

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