Resolution Tuesday

I recently wrote a post about the American TV show Lost and in it I wrote something approximating the following sentence…

"The show is beginning to look like something created by the mind one of my least favorite famous artists, Salvador Dali.  I linked the name Salvador Dali to one of his most famous paintings, which is called something to the effect of "Melting Clocks."

So yesterday, I notice all sorts of search traffic coming my way. Every few minutes there is a hit on my page.  Since I know so little about the internet, I emailed the folks at TypePad to ask what was going on.  Was I being spammed?  What did it all mean?

Today, Tyepad replied: Unfortunately, the image you are using is the #1 result for a Google search on Salvador Dali.

I think this is hilarious.  I hate Dali!  And yet, hundreds of people have come my way (not that any of them have stayed, mind you) due to that link.

So, since it is Tuesday and I need to revisit my New Year’s resolution AND I want to neutralize the effect of Dali’s surrealist karmic revenge, I give you the Salvador Dali Museum.

Enjoy it if you can.


9 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday

  1. Funny how you get traffic with the strangest things. I get more hits from “Sir Walter Raleigh.” Go figure.
    And for Salvador Dali: No thank you.

  2. Oh, you guys, Dali can be cool (like Magritte).
    I’ve been getting a slew of visits lately because someone mentioned my *Kushiel’s Dart* review on a livejournal page. They all come look, but no one says anything. It’s kind of freaky. I imagine a crowd of strangers shuffling past me, staring at me intently but never making eye contact, and moving on in silence.
    Sort of like Dali in 3 dimensions 😉

  3. Once I posted about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had a very serious broken leg similar to my own leg injury. I painted Arnold in a poor light, needless to say, because, well, you know.
    And the Google ad on my blog for weeks thereafter was “Arnold Schwarzenegger art.”
    What the HELL is A.S. art?

  4. I’m slightly worried by the fact that searches like “smelly leg cast” bring people to entirely relevant content. On the other hand, “pointiest heels” and “spanking experiments” have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING on my blog. Honest.

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