Egg hunt, re-imagined…

I am here to report on our newly-refined Easter egg hunt.  As you may recall, the idea was that each person would write a word on his or her egg, a word that described something he or she wants in life.  A sampling of words written on eggs: joy, light, today, $, inner peace, being, my thumb, a 6:20 2k, driver’s license, awareness.  After each person found one egg, we went around in a circle and talked about our reaction to what we had found. 

I found $.

Not what I had expected from my experiment in deepening our holiday tradition. 

That said, it was interesting to be brought to thinking about money, the idea of finding it versus earning it, how lucky we are that we have enough of it. 

And being brought to a place of gratitude, that’s a deepening.

Writing the words with the "invisible" crayon was only marginally successful.  Requires a bit of practice.  The effect, if it works, is fantastic.  The word is ghostly against the colored dye.   

Note to self:  next year, stronger dye.

But the newly revised Easter egg hunt?  I think we’ll keep it.

More gratitude goes out to my mom, who came up with the idea and also sent me this…Img_5262

I hope all your celebrations bring you a deepened sense of connection to what is most important to you and those you love.


3 thoughts on “Egg hunt, re-imagined…

  1. I loved your new idea and it certainly adds a deeper dimension to the ritual of hard-boiling all those eggs. Also appreciated the thought of going through life and modifying our traditions, celebrations and selves.

  2. Peg, feeling free to change things up is definitely one of my goals…
    Mizmell, not to worry. See all those chocolate eggs strewn under the chicken? All gone!

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