We = Our Words

Remember my outrage at all the misogyny and hostile language on the Internet?  And remember how I became convinced that such uncivil and deadly language is fostered by the cloak of anonymity given commenters on so many sites? Remember how I said I wanted to create a badge for my site (and for anyone else who wanted it) that would communicate that anonymous comments are not welcome on my blog?

If you don’t remember and have no idea what I am talking about, I forgive you.

I have been working the problem a bit and I’d really appreciate some feedback if you would be so kind (stream of consciousness, single word, immediate or long-winded responses all welcome.)  Here is my idea for the text portion of the badge/banner:


We = Our Words


Your turn…

…uhm, please?


6 thoughts on “We = Our Words

  1. OK, here goes. I like it visually but not aurally.
    What about “Words can hurt” or “Words can hurt,” as an implicit response to the old ditty, “Sticks and stones…”

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