Resolution Tuesday

I just looked around and realized that it is Tuesday…again.  I ask you, how did that happen?

I was going to send everyone to the Internet Code of Conduct wiki to watch people grapple with the issues of anonymity, free speech, and nasty behavior on internet.

But then I was captivated by a meshing of good causes.Gorilla_sm_2


3 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday

  1. I read the Internet Code of Conduct. Sounds good.
    Bottom line–we all know it–we cannot control another’s behavior. What we CAN control is how we react to it.

  2. Hey! Will definitely check both links out. The code of conduct is interesting, especially the issue of anonymity. My knee-jerk thinking on that has been ‘anonymous-bad/identity of some kind – good’ (if having your own blog where you’ve invested time and effort counts as an identity and I think it does). But I’ve since been wondering about whistle blowers and people who – for various reasons – need to maintain anonymity. Fiddlier issue than at first sight!

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