Resolution Tuesday

So what if American Idol is all over it?  Can’t trashy American entertainment that is normally devoid of any soul or socially redeeming value every now and again, well, redeem itself just a little tiny bit? 

Tomorrow is Malaria Awareness Day. Whaddayasay we go get ourselves some awareness?

3 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday

  1. I guess social awareness is a good thing, where ever it comes from. If it takes Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell to make people aware of poverty in Africa and poverty domestically, then I guess it’s a plus that they’ve decided to leverage their fame to make a difference. Though there is something absurdist about the Idol Give Back theme.

  2. Yes–today I blogged about the Idol Gives Back program. The money raised is supposed to help hunger in Africa AND in the U.S., yet very little airtime was given to discussing hunger in our own country. We saw quite a bit of Africa (nothing quite like the photo op you get with Ryan and Simon and African orphans). I applaud awareness of hunger in Africa, but it seems we shouldn’t gloss over the shameful reality of hunger on our own soil.

  3. I don’t know, really. The amounts raised are so small compared to the need and I wonder whether this kind of soft-focused awareness raising actually decreases the extent to which people will engage with the real causes – “Yeah, Africa. I saw that on American Idol – I hear they’re doing cholera and poor drinking water on Fantasy Island next week.” Sorry, i know that sounds terribly cynical. And I agree with the tendecy to duck issues on our own doorsteps. But the politics involved would be a bit too difficult to ignore, I suppose.

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