iChatting with Oldest the other day, he told me he would be finished school on the 22nd!  Then he is going to be driving East to West, across the country.  Coming home! 

Apropos of yesterday’s post, it shouldn’t surprise me that it wasn’t until he said the date of his return that I was suddenly aware of how much I have missed him.  Only with the thrill of knowing he is coming home do I allow myself the sadness I have felt all this time. 

Later that day, when I told him how I excited I was about him coming home, he replied:


Me too. 

I’ve been thinking of it during in every class.

He’s in a hurry to get home and wants company during the drive.  Correction, he wants someone to share the driving, limit the length of the trip, speed his return. 

When I was in college, I drove the same route in reverse, from West to East, every summer.  My dog was the only company I kept.  I would never have dreamt of asking my mother to come drive with me.  Nor would she have dreamed of either being asked or agreeing if asked. 

I am not the Road Tripper I once was.  The Road Trip is my Mate’s purview now.  He and the boys have each driven across the country together.  But maybe it is time to restore some of my old rambling self, bring the adventurer back into the foreground. 

And not only that, it would be an amazing opportunity to connect again with Oldest, to learn about these past nine months, how he has changed, who he is now, with one year of college under his belt, one year of being three thousand miles away from home.

But then I remember.  The last time we went on a road trip, after we were all packed up, I got settled in the front seat as Mate steered us out of the driveway. Then I turned around to look at the boys.

"So," I said merrily, "We have five hours.  What are we going to talk about?" 


Blank faces. 

No one would meet my eyes.

Finally, Oldest broke the news.  "Mom, this is a road trip…. We don’t talk."


So, here’s the question

5 thoughts on “homecoming…

  1. Oh, no question…you should go..
    what a wonderful way to reconnect, even if you don’t talk! Think of the adventures you’ll have, the moments you’ll share just you two..
    go, go, go!

  2. I understand the hesitancy for the driving and riding involved in a road trip…
    Think of it as alone “bonding” time with your son. I get a bit of that when taking my daughters to or from the airport. I get better fares if they fly in to an airport about 2 hours away, so I get the benefit of that alone time before we get to my house and then again, at the tail end of their visit.
    I know if your case, we’re not talking 2 hours but, what the heck? The concept is basically the same.

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