the fine print

Oldest had warned me that my Mother’s Day card would be late. It arrived
yesterday, in a plain white #10 envelope. I opened it and two pages
ripped from National Geographic fell out. Here is one page, front and back:




And this is the other page, front and back:



What can I say? I’m biased toward text. So I read the paragraph (above) and was really struck by the first few sentences:

thirteen months old – still an adolescent – Legadema got into a spat
with her mother that escalated into a permanent rift. The cause:
Legadema’s refusal to share a kill. Although tension between the two
had been building for some time, Legadema was now demonstrating her
independence and her mother drove her away."

You might say I was
a little hurt and considerably perplexed. Henry and I had had a fight
recently, but I thought we had repaired it and I had no idea that it
might have felt to him like any kind of permanent rift. Not only that, this was my Mother’s Day card? At best it seemed passive aggressive, at worst downright hostile.

today, when he showed up on my iChat screen and in consideration of the
fact that I am about to spend the next few days trapped in a car with
him, I thought I had better address the issue:

hey. I didn’t really understand your mothers day card. did I not share a kill with you?

no the other side, jeez


i thought ud appreciate the cuteness of it. did u read the caption?

I grabbed the pages again and put them together at which point they looked like this:


Underneath the mother and child, the fine print read:

more independent, Legadema was preparing for the day when she would
stake her own claim in the forest. But the six-month-old, right, still
seemed reassured by the touch of her mother’s tail."

After blinking away my tears, I returned to our iChat screen:

OHHH! I didn’t read the caption. I read the other side. where it said
they got into a spat which "escalated into a permanent rift." Now I’m
happy…that is adorable. thank you

haha. why would i have sent u both pages?

I don’t KNOW. I was too worried we had a permanent rift to think about anything else.



My Oldest knows his mother well. I surely do appreciate the cuteness.

6 thoughts on “the fine print

  1. It’s also really creative way of addressing and personalising what can be a really trite occasion – what a family you have! We haven’t really gotten into mothers’ day in our little family (probably due to across the board dysfunctional relationships with our various mothers) so I’ll have to store ideas like this up for when dudelet gets a little older.

  2. What a wonderful “card” really it is. And I’m amazed and awed that you two share such a unique relationship. I can only imagine how *my* mother would have reacted if I’d sent her such a card…sheesh.

  3. Since Legadema (the one who refused to share her kill) was the child rather than the mother, I thought maybe the “card” was an apology – but I like the real meaning better.

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