chaos vs. control

What would you do if your almost nineteen-year-old Oldest were home from his first year of college and you walked into his bathroom to put something away, and you turned to leave and you saw this?:



Here’s what I did:  Library_8486_2

5 thoughts on “chaos vs. control

  1. Hmmmm… I’m familiar with that scenario. I’m beginning to understand a clean house is a sign of a troubled mind.
    At 19, he’s not old enough to LEGALLY drink. Now there’s an opening for a good discussion…

  2. Wow. Wanna come to my place the next time you find one of those? My pantry is a mess.
    More seriouly though, I hope you figure out a good way to talk to Oldest about this. Would be totally hard for me to figure out what to do. I wouldn’t want to freak out, but I would. At least internally, but my pantry still wouldn’t look that good.
    warm thoughts

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