and that's not the half of it…

Two days before I took the picture of the vodka bottle in Oldest’s bathroom, I was in our garage/gym/laundry/storage/TV room when I heard Oldest’s car come up the driveway.  We had had a fight the day before and were now speaking only when required.   I heard him get out of his car and walk to my car.  I heard him rustling around in the plastic shopping bags I keep in the trunk.  I don’t even think I went so far as to wonder why.  It was a slightly odd occurrence.  I may have wondered idly, "Why the fussing? Why not just get one and put it to use?" But probably not. I was still annoyed.  I didn’t think anything of it.

Despite the fact that he made an effort at dinner that night to participate, to pull his weight, I was still annoyed with him.  He got up after dessert and said he was going out.  From outside, I watched as he walked across the length of the living room. He carried a plastic Whole Foods bag.  I noticed that he carried it a little oddly, not hanging from the handles, but slightly strangled, a shade too tight, a hairsbreadth too self-conscious.  I was still annoyed.  I didn’t think anything of it.

In the night, he walked past our room without announcing his return.  I was still annoyed. I didn’t think anything of it.

The next morning, I went rowing early and as I eased my car into our crowded driveway, I saw his car.  Something made me think of the rustling of plastic, the strangled hold.  The idea of the bag, like a particularly buoyant piece of wood pushing its way through the flotsam on a crowded watery surface, arrived at the top of my brain.  What I thought was, I wonder what was in that bag?

I went to have a look.  It was right there on the passenger seat.  Since I don’t much believe in snooping, you might think I would have been more conflicted, but I wasn’t.  I looked in the bag.

Two half-empty bottles of Coke.  One half-empty bottle of Jim Beam.

I don’t know what or how to think.


2 thoughts on “and that's not the half of it…

  1. I sincerely believe this situation warrants some attention. But before you can figure out how or why, you and the young man MUST be on speaking terms.
    I realize there’s a bit of tension in the air between you two. Take a deep breath, Mom. Obviously, the ball is in your court.

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