why we send our boys to camp 3000 miles away…

Yes, every year I bemoan our decision to send the boys to camp in Maine
as I collect the insane amount of gear, stuff it into super-sized
duffle bags, trek to UPS to send them since they are simply too weighty
to contemplate checking, buy the increasingly (insanely!) expensive
plane tickets, fill out multiple forms in duplicate, and pre-address
envelopes so I get at least one missive during the 3 1/2 weeks they are

But then something like this shows up in our mailbox…


In case his handwriting is legible to only this loving mother, it goes like this:

Dear Mom,
ROCKS!!! I am the oldest cabin on campus right now but we leave for
bank trip tomorrow. I’m super excited! We hike for 5 days and canoe for
5 days. I’m so happy. But again my tennis racket strings broke..but I
won’t be at camp for very long anyways. I’m having a blast at camp. My
counslers (sic) rock and the kids are cool. How is LA? How’s Sylvie? Oh
today I was out at swimming and we saw a bald eagle swoop down and
catch a fish!! It was incredible. Speaking of birds, me and Sam saw a
bird feeding new born chicks!!!

Keep me in the loop.

Love, ****


There is nothing quite like knowing your kids are super excited, so happy and having a blast.

It’s just about enough to make me cry.


6 thoughts on “why we send our boys to camp 3000 miles away…

  1. That is the best letter from camp I’ve ever seen.
    The only ones I ever got were desperate pleas for an early pick up. And that camp was only 100 miles away.

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