nobody ever said life was fair

One of my mother’s favorite sayings, right behind "smell the privet", was "nobody ever said life was fair."

Though I have been known to point out beautiful things to a carload of children with great regularity, I never adopted the "Nobody ever said life was fair" response to complaints about the inherent injustice of, say, my choice of who gets to take out the garbage today.

Perhaps that is why my children have each developed and maintained a very keenly calibrated sense of fairness. 

For example, I was on the phone with Oldest yesterday when surprised me with the happy news that he has gotten a job!  He will be DJing at a local bar on Thursday nights with a friend.  He was telling me about the whole exciting endeavor when he mentioned, in passing, that the bouncers at the bar this year were "totally unfair."  Last year, he reported, the bouncers were great but "everyone is complaining" about this years crop and how unfair they are. 

"How were they fairer last year than they are this year," I inquired innocently.

"Oh," he replied blithely, "last year, if you had a fake ID, they let you in."


8 thoughts on “nobody ever said life was fair

  1. slouching mom, he is indeed nice and genuine and yes, the small child still peeks through on a regular basis.
    Valley, privet is a shrub that lines many of the New Jersey back roads we traveled on our way to school. When it blossoms, it has a lovely smell though Mom saying “smell the privet” endlessly kinda wrecked it for us!

  2. Smell the privet! Priceless. And Oldest sounds so charmless guileless. Kind of. Dudelet is probably going to be thoroughly sick of “Well, life is hard…” by the time he hits teenagerhood.

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