a long overdue explanation…

Earlier in the summer, we were a tad concerned about Oldest and alcohol.  And then he went a did something really stupid.

Mizmell, in particular, showed real concern at the time and I, well, I basically just dropped the blog for a while due to my unhappy tendency to get completely and irretrievably involved in my newest pet projects. 

So here, with apologies to Mizmell for taking such a long time to getting around to showing you, is why I didn’t end up worrying about Oldest even if we did find a half-empty bottle of Jim Beam in the front seat of his car…



In case you cannot read his neat but small print, the checklist is as follows:

Wake up
Turn 3 people on to rowing
See mouse
Contemplate mouse
Check website
Find problems that don’t actually need fixing
Have anxiety attack
Realize problems can be offloaded to Oldest
Contemplate how Oldest will handle these problems
Have anxiety attack
Get in bed
Contemplate bed

Happy Birthday Mom, Love Oldest

My personal favorite is "find problems that don’t actually need fixing."

3 thoughts on “a long overdue explanation…

  1. Why is it that we all find problems that don’t need fixing, but yet on most days, can’t find our damn car keys or sunglasses?
    Glad you’re over the hump, so to speak.

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