you know your child can survive Middle school when…

I got a copy of the tao te ching today in the mail.  I showed it briefly to Youngest, who has a natural affinity for the spiritual. I tried to explain a little about Taoism – what little I know – but I was running out the door to attend Middle’s eleventh grade orientation.  I hurriedly told Youngest how to finish making the pasta for dinner and left, leaving the book on the counter.

When I returned, I went into his room to see how his homework was going.  As I was leaving, he said casually, "Oh, I read some of the book."

From what he read today, the lines he liked most:

Care about people’s approval
and you will be their prisoner.


8 thoughts on “you know your child can survive Middle school when…

  1. You are so very lucky that those words in particular caught his eye at such a young age! So many struggle and are unable to grasp that concept well into adulthood.

  2. Mizmell, I know. That boy is a wonder – when he is not driving me crazy, that is.
    (un)relaxeddad, it is the Stephen Mitchell translation. It is lovely, though I have to admit I have never read the tao te ching before so I don’t have any other translations to compare it to.

  3. Well, I can’t read Chinese so I have no idea if any of the one’s I’ve read are any good! I encountered the Arthur Waley one first when I was eighteen or so and was hooked. The worst one I’ve encountered has got to be Ursla LeGuin’s ‘rendition’, though I love many of her other books. I’ll have to look up the Stephen Mitchell one, now.

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