Oldest's View #3

Img_6781In the early days of motherhood, I was so busy, so enmeshed, so enthralled and overcome, that I never paid much attention to the fact that time was passing.  Those days are gone.


6 thoughts on “Oldest's View #3

  1. That’s what the old folks say when they warn us that time is passing. Only we’re too busy, we don’t see it.
    I see it now. But I can’t go back and I can’t slow it down. I figure my best chance is to try and make it really count.
    And make lists. Lots and lots of lists…

  2. That’s the whole Buddhist thing, I suppose, of doing what’s in this moment as completely as possible and then the next moment. I never really noticed how mayfly like the days are until dudelet came along. Or how valuable.
    I do have a lot of lists. Very few ticks, though 🙂

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