Resolution Tuesday:Catalog Choice

Every Tuesday here at TEOM? I revisit my New Year’s Resolution which was/is to connect with something larger than myself.  Today, I am connecting – and hopefully connecting you – to Catalog Choice, a FREE service that allows you to opt out of the catalogs that no doubt regularly stuff your mailbox and head straight to your recycling bin without ever being even idly thumbed.  They have 100,000 people signed up and are shooting for a million in order to make a serious impact on the waste generated every day by catalogs.  Feel like helping fight a really good fight?  Head on over.


6 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday:Catalog Choice

  1. I think there’s a UK equivalent I must track down. Major problem we have is junk mail and inserts. And you’ve just reminded me that I need to complain to my bank about the amount of junk they send me – I have three types of account for which they find it necessary to send me three separate statements in three different envelops. With three sets of frequently identical marketing materials.

  2. I checked, (un)relaxeddad, and this service unfortunately is US-only at the moment. I know just what you mean about the banks though – drives me crazy!
    Alesia, glad it helped.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I get probably 1 or 2 a week from Victoria’s secret. I’d be much happier if they kept the damn catalog’s and instead, gave me a discount on my next bra purchase!

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