songs I sang to my children…

As I was lamenting a few days ago, bedtime has really changed around here.  Though I have been pretty good at enforcing my new "power-down-a-half-hour-before-bedtime" edict, I have (I told you I would!) given them back their music.

Back in the day, I sang songs to them every night.  I had a couple that I sang over and over again. One of their all time favorites was Across the Great Divide by Kate Bush.  Here it is sung, much better than I ever did, by Nanci Griffith.

I sure would like to know what songs you sing or sang to your children, so I am gonna tag Mizmell, Slouching Mom and (un)relaxeddad.

How about sharing a link or a video version of a song you sing or sang to your children?  If you leave ’em in the comments, I’ll keep track of them all right here.  If you write a post about it in (or is it on?)  your own blog, I’ll add your post to my handy little "Songs We Sing" thingamajig over there in the upper right hand corner of this page.  That way, you can come back for inspiration when you just. can’t. sing. that. same.&*$#)#) one. more. time…

13 thoughts on “songs I sang to my children…

  1. Thanks Slouching Mom! I was inspired by your post to sing The Circle Game to my sleepy teenage boys this morning. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it someday!

  2. Hey, you’ve been busy. I seem to be doing the opposite of blogging every day in Nov. Anyway, perhaps the first song I sang to X:
    Blue Suede Shoes.
    Here’s the Elvis version, better than mine. X and I just watched it and sang along. She found out that Elvis wasn’t always fat.

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