songs we sing to our children…

Since my pal Valle doesn’t have a blog (she should!) and thus I can’t link to her song and add it to the Google thingamajig on the right…I am going to share it with you here. 

Close your eyes…

A note to any and all of my small (but exceedingly great) coterie of readers, please consider yourself tagged. If you post about a song you sing or sang to your children, send me the link and I’ll add it to the thingamajig.


9 thoughts on “songs we sing to our children…

  1. James Taylor! He was Impera’s sick music man. See, when she was a toddler, she had one of those fever-y illnesses, where the fever won’t let you relax. She was too wound up to rest, but she was too sick to be able to focus on a story on tape, a children’s video, or anything. By chance, we put on our James Taylor CD. Poof! She fell asleep. It was just enough music to not distract her feverish brain, and his voice was gentle enough that it soothed her to sleep. From then on, when she’d feel really sick, she’d ask for James Taylor. I don’t know if *he’d* like to know that, but he rose high in our parental estimation for that very reason.

  2. Thanks for playing Alesia. I tried to get Google reader to subscribe to your blog but for some reason the posts end in August. Naturally, I want to create a link in my thingamajig to your post but I need to be able to subscribe to your blog through Reader first! Can you investigate cause, hey, I want to read your blog too!

  3. Mizmell, I haven’t seen anything new by him but – thanks to Valle – was singing Sweet Baby James to myself on my hike today! That was one of my go-to songs for the boys…

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