learning to love my inner geek…

I think I am finally learning to love my inner geek. Lately, I have
been hanging around some blogs written by technologically savvy,
obsessive-compulsive productivity geeks. While I’m not at all sure I
would want to have a beer with them, they do make for decidedly useful
cyber-companions for someone trying to corral all the disparate jobs
she has into some manageable system that allows her to empty her mind
of the drek long enough to have a passing shot at a creative thought.

Today I read an article by one of said geeks, Leo at Zen Habits, and I gotta tell you it is REALLY good. It’s called Get things done on your Mac and, though I am about to summarize it for you, I encourage you to download it here if you are at all interested in obsessing alongside me about how to be
more productive. The basic thesis can be neatly summarized as follows:
To be productive, we have to be able to focus. To focus, we need an
environment that has a minimum of distractions.


extolling the virtues of the Mac computer in all its forms, the author
goes on to say that this instrument of productivity can actually be
part of our – ok, my – productivity problems.

Here is a quick summary of what he advises to keep our Macs clutter free.

1. Clean everything off your desktop (instructions included in the actual article)
2. Hide your Dock (ditto)
3. Close every application that you are not actually using for whatever task is at hand.
4. Deal with your – ok, my – email addiction.
5. Befriend Quicksilver.*** (Caveat. Only do this if you know deep down in your soul that you, too, have an inner geek hankering to come out.)
6. Befriend Spotlight. (Do this no matter what.)

*** I first came across the Stephen Mitchell version of the Tao Te Ching while reading the Quicksilver documentation online. Us geeks have unexpected depths.

is a lot of other good information in this article on how to declutter
your physical working environment, manage the endless inflow of paper
and email, make quick decisions on things that don’t require as much
thinking as you give them and generally blow off the entire notion of

Since I have decided to let my inner geek inch
its way into the light of day, I thought I would check in with my Youngest to
get a handle on how successful her liberation has been.

Youngest, I asked, "Do you think I am a geek?"

he replied just a touch too promptly for my taste, and for my money, a
tad too much in the manner of one speaking to a very small child or an
adult-sized idiot, "Yeehhhheeessssss!"

How about you? Do you have an inner geek and if so (say it is so!) how does it manifest itself?


4 thoughts on “learning to love my inner geek…

  1. Utterly. Main manifestation is my incapacity to be seperated from my laptop for more than 20 minutes or so. It’s a complete mess, though, and I really should heed some parts of that article.

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