a cup of tea

I know my life is getting out of balance when I find my tea cups everywhere: on my bedside table, in my car, on my desk, on the table where I fold laundry.  This is my clue that it is time to step back, take a breathe, and reframe what it means to have a cup of tea.

I remind myself that the cup of tea is not finished until the cup is in the dish dryer. 

For me, getting in the habit of finishing things is the single most effective way to deal with and prevent clutter.

Why is it, then, that staying in the habit is so freakin’ hard?

3 thoughts on “a cup of tea

  1. I know, I hear you. I’ve heard that one of the best ways to be present, to eliminate clutter, etc. is to not multi-task. I don’t even think I remember how not to multi-task.

  2. Personally, I think we all have far too much stuff. If you only had TWO teacups (for instance) you’d be forced into keeping them clean or else you couldn’t have tea.
    Have I lost it completely?

  3. Alesia, yes, multi-tasking is the bane of my existence and I find using the “finish the cup of tea” exercise really helpful in brining me back to focusing on one, and only one, thing at a time.
    Mizmell, I completely agree with you so I hope you haven’t lost it completely.

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