foul weather blogger…

With the finish line of NaBloPoMo in sight, I want to take this opportunity to thank Mizmell for inviting me to participate in this endeavor.  Though I can’t say I have enjoyed every minute of it, it has actually been a very good discipline for me.  Under normal circumstances, I am the world’s most inconsistent blogger. In fact,  you might call me a “Foul Weather Blogger.”  If I have an idea I like, if the stars align, if I am not lured by the siren song of an errand, a phone call or a hike in the mountains on a gorgeous day, well, then I blog.  But if the day is too inviting, the distractions too copious, and my store of ideas too depleted, I just, well, bail on the entire endeavor.   

I think this is the first month since this blog’s inception that I have posted every day.  It has made me realize that if I am going to continue to blog, I am going to have to give more time and attention to the process.  Some of the posts this month have been a tad too slapdash for my taste, some downright banal, but even that has been a good practice for me.  The posts don’t have to be perfect – hey, I don’t have to be perfect. 

Sitting down and writing is all I have to do. 

Thanks Mizmell!


4 thoughts on “foul weather blogger…

  1. I’m with you re: the slapdashness of the posting. I’d like to let ideas roll around in my head for awhile before they hit the screen That said, I’ve enjoyed all of your posts this month and look forward to more. Congratulations on making it through!

  2. So is posting every day a habit, now?
    I’ll agree that we all want our ideas to come together in a particular fashion, and nothing is more frustrating when it doesn’t happen that way. The best part of NaBloPoMo for me has been reading new posts from all my favorite folks.

  3. No, it is not a habit yet by a long shot BUT posting every day has made me realize how much of a habit is just having it in your mind on a consistent basis…And making the commitment does make a difference – because there were plenty of nights when I went, “Ooops, gotta go post!” when I would normally think of it, shrug, and just not make the effort.

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