Something I have learned…

Rituals matter.

To wit, the sum total of a text message this morning from Oldest:

"take off kiss"

He is coming home today! 

And I am (eagerly) following his flight via Google’s awesome new flight tracker.

4 thoughts on “Something I have learned…

  1. I know you’re excited. I miss my daughters terribly. Just about every day, I find tears spilling down my cheeks at some point. Is this a symptom of motherhood or menopause?

  2. I find myself capable of getting teary at the thought of ours leaving in the first place, even thought that’s probably 14 years away at the earliest (all going well). Otherwise, I’m starting to find it a bit unnerving just how much I’m willing to hand over to Google of my everyday life. But they’re just so good at it…

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