Happy New Resolution Tuesday!

How handy for me that this year’s New Year falls on a Tuesday!  Tuesday is the day I have used for the last year (mostly on but occasionally off) to revisit my New Year’s Resolution to "connect with something bigger than myself."  That led me, on most Tuesdays in 2007, to point whomever happened to stumble across my blog to organizations I thought were doing good work or outrages that need all or our attention.  I plan to continue this tradition.

My over-arching, quasi-thematic New Year’s resolution for 2008 is to take more risks.  (I also have a more granular resolution to write and do yoga every day of the year).  It has occurred to me, here at the end of motherhood and perhaps not coincidentally at the end of the holiday season, that I have become quite settled in my motherly ways. In fact, it is entirely possible that I have become, egad, downright matronly. 

This descent into middle-aged oblivion is not what I would call moving in the right direction.  Hence my resolution to revisit the purview of the young and start taking more risks on a regular basis.

The one and only thing I remember Pema Chodron saying in the one and only talk I ever heard her give was that Confucius said that by the time people are thirty they are set in a course of either expansion and contraction and that they will continue on that course for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, I was over thirty when I heard that.

Nonetheless, I have made a point of trying to continue to expand and I hope that a year’s worth of challenging myself will be a useful antidote to whatever tendency I have to contraction.

In that spirit, I am going to take a risk and issue an invitation
to you to join me on Tuesdays (here or on your own blog).  We can use
the day to remind ourselves of the direction we really want to be

So, how about it?  Want to take Tuesdays to remind yourself of your resolution? In company? 

Don’t have a resolution?  It’s never to late!  Scorn the entire process?  Try taking the risk of imagining the life you want and pick one single action that you could take on a regular basis to help move you closer to it.

Come on!  Don’t leave me hanging here with my very first risk of the year.  Join me on Resolution Tuesday and if it will help you, I will promise to email you or drop by your blog and remind you to revisit your resolution every Tuesday. 

RSVP in the comments and here’s to a widening circle of a New Year for any and all of you…


4 thoughts on “Happy New Resolution Tuesday!

  1. My resolution is to be more patient with my daughter. My daughter’s resolution is to be more positive. We think there is some synergy there. Checking in on it every Tuesday? Probably a good idea…but I am not ready to commit. đŸ™‚

  2. But if you don’t commit to observing the status of your resolution on a regular basis, SF Mom of One, how will patience ever have the chance to become a practice?

  3. I’d like to jump on the Tuesday wagon, but I haven’t had two minutes to ponder making a resolution. I always thought the end of December was a tough time to be reflective — it’s too busy! But I resolutely resolve to be resolutionary in the next few days. I’ll let you know (definitely by next Tuesday).
    Curious: Do your kids read your blog?

  4. Alesia, I look forward seeing what you come up with upon reflection!
    I asked my kids if they read my blog and each one responded with some variation of, “Uh, no.”

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