Resolution Tuesday #3

Last year, I used Tuesdays on my blog to check in with my New Year’s Resolution which was to "connect with something larger than myself."  Today I got some help with that one from Two Square Meals, courtesy of whom picked up this amazing little number that will show you how you are connected to the mountains in Appalachia being destroyed by an utterly pernicious form of mining.  Go on…enter your zip code whydon’tcha?

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Now, on to this year’s resolution which is to "mother less, but no less than necessary."
I know we’re only on week three, but I gotta say I am feeling good about this whole project and I am going to tell you why.

On Sunday, I often do laundry.  Loads and loads of laundry. 

Also on Sunday, we often watch football.  Loads and loads of football.

Usually, I fold everyone’s clothes neatly and stack them carefully. 
Usually, the boys come and rip their clothes from the stacks, scattering the remaining clothes all over.
Last Sunday, I decided to skip the whole – what’s the word? – oh, yes, the whole meshugas.  Instead, as each load came out of the dryer, I dumped it in an ever-growing pile on the couch – the same couch my boys were sprawled across watching the playoffs.
I told them they needed to pick out their own clothes and take them to their closets – not their beds, their desks, or their floors.  Their closets.

The pile of clothes disappeared with only a few stray socks left, like crumbs, on the couch.  We all settled down to watch the last quarter of the game.
Later that evening, I gotta say my curiousity got the better of me.  I just HAD to find out what Middle had done with his clothes.  Middle is famous for pulling a tshirt out of a neatly stacked pile in precisely the right way to disrupt every single tshirt left in the pile.  With some trepidation, I went into his room. No clean clothes in sight. I stepped gingerly into his closet and what to my wondering eyes should appear but stacks and stacks of neatly ordered tshirts. I was stunned.
I went to find him.  "Middle," I demanded.  "Your closet looks amazing. How did you do it?"

"Well,Mom," he replied with an eager gleam in his eye,  "I used the Japanese tshirt folding technique."

"Which Japanese tshirt folding technique is that, might I ask?"

"Well a couple of years ago at camp, someone told me about it and I tried to do it but couldn’t remember how, so today I looked it up on You Tube."

So, courtesy of Middle,  I now give you the utterly, amazingly, fantastically successful, more-than-a-technique-it’s-an-art, Japanese tshirt folding method:

I am so loving this New Year’s Resolution.

10 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday #3

  1. Thanks for helping me to raise awareness. I was raised in those mountains and they are part of my soul. I want people to know how bad it is.
    And I am loving your experiment in non-mothering. I am such a control freak, and it’s a great lesson for me. Even if my kids didn’t fold their T-shirts like that, how much would it really hurt me? I guess it is good for them to learn to be neat and put things away, but it’s also good to let go of the control sometimes.

  2. WOW, great post. Not only the for mining issues, but for that kick butt shirt folding trick. I’m totally going to show that to my hubby since he’s one that wears the wrinkled clothes.

  3. Congratulations! I can relate to you having to “peek” and see the results of your delegation! I would do the same.
    I love the comment from “twosquaremeals” – the more independent we make our young men the better chances of our daughters-in-law appreciating us!
    I am adding you to my blogroll. You are such fun!

  4. I think that the mountain top issue is a great one to keep passing along…the more we know the more we can do. 🙂
    And the t-shirt folding story. WOW! That’s great!
    Julie Pippert: Using My Words

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