I'm so proud…

This morning, as the boys were getting ready for school, I commented on the recent lack of lunch preparations.

"What is going on?" I queried.  "You guys haven’t been making lunches lately.  What are you doing for lunch if you are not making it?"

Youngest looked up from tying his sneakers and answered cheerily, "I beg!"

7 thoughts on “I'm so proud…

  1. Oy.
    Mine says: “I mooch.” Fortunately, he also is sometimes the “moochee.”
    I don’t pretend to understand their complicated system of mooching and paying back.

  2. I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place. I’m commenting on your witty comment to Finslippy the other day about kids who don’t like others not following the rules. I know a little girl who tattled on the wrongdoer in “Someone wrote on the bathroom wall!” at http://www.otherpeopleskids.blogspot.com. Check it out. Ha Ha.

  3. We’ve been making him packed lunches for the childminder for nearly three years so its been a bit of a transition to stop – his nursery school insists on (healthy, award winning) communal lunches which all the attendees are expected to eat. I actually miss sorting them out.

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