love letters

He was right, of course.  I was tempted. 

But I couldn’t read his text messages. 

I could, however, read my own.

Herewith, a pretty complete sampling, from oldest to most recent:

From Middle:  I hate everything.

From Mate: We have arrived.  I meditated in splendid accommodations.  I love you.

From Oldest: July 19th 330 doctor chin.  Will u write that down pleeeeeeeeaaaaase?

From Mate: This is so much fun!!!!!

From Middle: U kno im going 2 the waterpark 2morow nite

From Oldest: Just bought tickets.  Will work out finances tmrw

From Youngest: Im in the movie

From Oldest: Can you help us with directions to that barbeque place in kansas city?

From Oldest: K

From Oldest: Pulled pork sandwich

From Oldest: I also think I have fleas from the motel last night

From Oldest: Ya

From Youngest: Get on the ball orthadontist wise

From Middle:  Out w….

From Oldest: Takeoff kiss.

From Oldest: What’s wrong?

From Oldest: Ohhh no

From Oldest: She’s the most vulnerable dog that ever was


She is.  She was picked up by animal control as a puppy, wandering the streets, then was adopted by a woman who sent her back to the pound, then she joined our family.  I assured the boys that getting a mutt would prevent us from having to deal with the many medical complications that plague purebred dogs.

Or not.

She got a piece of glass lodged in her eye (we have seen a veterinary ophthalmologist – who knew there was such a thing?), she tore her ACL and had knee surgery, got irregular heartbeats from the anesthesia  which necessitated a visit from the cardiologist, swallowed a small piece of rubber during a playdate and had abdominal surgery, had numerous paw abrasions that required even more numerous bandages, had her other knee reconstructed, just finished rehab and, after a week of hiking full strength, has…pneumonia.

If she were only her medical problems, it would be hard to make a case for keeping on keeping on with the ERs, the medications, the endless bills.  But, Miss Biss also:

Helps us do our homework.


Wakes us up in the morning.


Reminds us all to relax.


Waits for us when we are slow…


And, oh yeah, loves every single one of us, every single day.

Keep your fingers crossed for her, OK?

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