Do these girls look "pimped out" to you?

Compare and contrast, won’t you…

The Bush twins campaigning for their father…      

Chelsea Clinton campaigning for her mother…

"Pimped out?"  "Pimped out?"  When is the unprecedented and routine sexualization of the coverage of the Clinton campaign going to stop?

Until the mist clears from in front of my eyes and I can write more intelligently about this, here is some smart thinking about the issue – especially the letter to MSNBC at the end. 

Go forth and, please, get pissed.

9 thoughts on “Do these girls look "pimped out" to you?

  1. This is just the latest outrage — I have read stuff about Hillary Clinton that makes me want to throw my laptop across the room… it’s not even subtle. And I am horrified when I see women doing it, too. I hope this makes the media (the liberal media — my ass) really take a look at what they’re doing..Sad, sad.

  2. When we were young, my siblings and i campaigned for various family members. I have many fond memories of leafleting, holding signs, etc. For me it was being part of the democratic process, it was taking an interest in my government, supporting my family, it was time to be part of something bigger than me… there was no pimping going on.
    Though i’m not completely naive, and I’m sure there is often exploitation involved, too…

  3. I guess I feel somewhat better about the whole thing knowing that no matter who we get as a candidate, Obama or Hillary, our country will be breaking new ground. It’s been a long time coming and there will have to be adjustments as the political arena and the press corps have both been strongholds of white male supremacy since this country’s inception. But here’s to progress, however painful it may be.

  4. You know, years ago I was told fear creates anger. It looks as if the world is a bit fearful of change. I’m still confused as to why a strong female candidate is met with such opposition. What are they afraid of???

  5. I guess I think that hearing from the candidates should be all that matters, and while it’s nice that Chelsea is campaigning for her mother, I do see the point that it is beside the point. HOWEVER, the language choice is appalling. “Pimping” indeed.

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