Oldest's View #4

Seeing the world through your child’s eyes is one of the habits of mothering. For years, you look at the world with him. You name and clarify, you laugh and exclaim, you marvel and weep. And then one day, while you are looking out, you will catch, out of the corner of your eye, your child staring straight at you.  Your eyes will meet, the outside world will vanish, and you will know that he does not need you for that anymore.

And then he will grow up and leave you 3000 miles behind. 

But if you are lucky, every now and then, because he is sweet and knows your loves well, he’ll throw you a bone.



2 thoughts on “Oldest's View #4

  1. Say it isn’t so…really, 3000 miles away? When they are little, sometimes 3000 miles sounds like it might be a very good thing, but when it really happens, I’ll die.

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