Resolution Tuesday #7

Another installment in my endless quest to mother less, but no less than necessary.

First, the bad news:

This is what Middle’s room looks like now that I have decided that part of mothering a 17 year old less is not nagging him about cleaning up his room or lecturing him on the impossibility of having a clear mind when one’s environment is polluted:

Now for the good news:

I actually heard the following words flow, unbidden, out of his mouth: "I have got to clean my room."

Not that he has done it yet.

4 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday #7

  1. Leaving the room cleaning up to us was always my mom’s philosophy. It usually worked. I cleaned my room about every 2 weeks, my brother about every 2 months, when he really needed something and couldn’t find it. She figured as long as we helped to keep the rest of the house clean by doing chores, we could have our own say in our bedrooms. Seems like a nice compromise for a teen. There were a few exceptions, like when we were having company that would need to stay in our room or when the stink crept into the rest of the house.

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