the downside to mothering less…

Update on yesterday’s Resolution Tuesday post about the state of Middle’s room.

This morning, a mouse (eeek!) emerged from Middle’s room at a full tilt, rounded the corner into the kitchen, his back legs drifting like a race car’s wheels, and disappeared under the stove.

Said mouse used to be a lot smaller and has heretofore been confined to the kitchen.

Clearly, he has found greener pastures.


5 thoughts on “the downside to mothering less…

  1. Ah, yes. Reminds me of the time we came back from vacation to find Owen’s room a mess of ants. He helped me throw food wrappers and stale bread crusts and empty drink boxes into the trash while I bit my tongue, HARD, and silently repeated the mantra, “Put the Relationship First. Put the Relationship First.”
    Allowing them to learn can be more difficult than forced teaching, but, in the end, it’s more effective. And, anyway, I was a recipient of the latter as a kid, and I just learned to put my dirty bowls out of sight in my top dresser drawer.

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