I'm here, failing miserably….

Let’s just say I skipped last week’s Resolution Tuesday because I was FAILING MISERABLY at my goal of mothering less, but no less than necessary.

I have been swept up into a whirlwind of posting on one particularly frenzied college admission site trying to figure out how exactly Division 1 recruiting works.

Hope to be out of the grip of this psychosis (not to mention anxiety) producing effort in time for tomorrow’s Resolution Tuesday.

In the meantime, my mate is considering starting a blog. I picked Type Pad for no good reason that I can remember.  How about helping him out and sharing where you host your blog and if you could do it all over again would you stay where you are or would you go?

And for your listening pleasure while you ponder your response…

4 thoughts on “I'm here, failing miserably….

  1. Good luck with getting back on top of your resolutions and with those college entrance regulations! For info, I’ve used WordPress happily for two years now.

  2. I’m not clear on why a parent would be involved in sports recruitment. I thought the recruiter came to the athlete? (Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what is meant by Division 1. When I applied for college, I told my parents where I was interested, and they took me to visit, but other than that it was up to me to get the stuff done for the application.)
    I use Blogger, and it’s free. It might have been nice to have a bit more control over format without having to work hard at it, but at this point, I just cut and paste my posts, so it’s fine. Actually, Blogger doesn’t provide a portable archive. I save my posts on my hard drive. That might be a nice thing, if Typepad or WordPress offer that!

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one failing at mothering less. I just stomped in my office and slammed the door after another episode of mothering too much. I use Blogger, which is easy to use but doesn’t have some special features, such as password-protected posts (if desired) like WordPress. Best wishes on the recruiting.

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