cell phone bill dilemma…

Indulge me, won’t you?  and hazard a guess:

How many text messages do you think Youngest sent and received in the last month?


11 thoughts on “cell phone bill dilemma…

  1. Huh. We aren’t a texting family. DON’T TEXT ME!
    I remember when my friend’s daughter ran up their bill with lots of TM’s and my friend said that when she talked to her carrier, Verizon, they were very nice and forgiving and offered to take most of the texts off of their bill — IF she went with their unlimited texting plan, an extra $10 a month. My friend thought they had done her a big ol’ favor. Again, huh.

  2. I can’t imagine… I do, however, remember the days of 2 teenage daughters, 2 phones lines, and 2 competing for one dial up computer.
    Thank you so very very much for inspiring me to “unmother.”

  3. Eight a day! Which would be…hmmm…248?
    But as the mother of two girls that get closer to adolescence daily, I’m afraid. Very afraid.

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