the return of the cell phone dilemma

Two THOUSAND one hundred and nine. 

Or, put another way, 2109

Or put yet another way, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

How would you feel and what would you do if you found out your fourteen year old son racked up 2109 text messages in one month?

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you what I did…

10 thoughts on “the return of the cell phone dilemma

  1. WHOA! I’m impressed. I think we would pay the bill and confiscate the cellphone. Then, the offender would earn money to pay his share of the bill by babysitting, cutting lawns, helping neighbors with chores, etc. If he could not find odd jobs, I would ask him to sell his beloved video games on Craigslist. He would need to re-earn the privilege of having a cellphone. There should be consequences for exceeding reasonable limits. In the “Real World,” people are losing their homes to foreclosures for living beyond their means. Losing a cellphone & repaying the bill is a small price to pay.

  2. Oops! This assumes that there are limits and everyone knows what they are. If Younger didn’t know how many texts he was allowed in a month, you can’t blame him for exceeding an unknown limit. On the other hand, if he exceeded his allowance, then he should live with the consequences.

  3. Gosh, thats only like 70 a day. Or 4 per waking hour. Is that both incoming AND outgoing? If so, really not that bad. That is, assuming he has an unlimited texting plan on his phone.

  4. Me again. Didn’t mean to sound pompous – I feel your pain. After reading your dilemma, I checked with my own cellphone provider re: 16-yr son. They said that the largest number of texts sent by one teen in a month is over 20,000. It’s a Brave New World. Go with the unlimited plan!

  5. I blocked all messaging on my cell just today. I was getting text spam, which they still charge you for.
    Sigh. I hope everything turns out okay for your son. They’re just learning at that age. I remember my daughter and her pals calling a 900 number to hear some kind of crap about the Hanson boy band. The phone company took it off our bill “just this once”. My daughter was in tears at our horror ($80+ to hear boy band). “I didn’t know”, she wailed.

  6. Oh my. That’s impressive and, perhaps, informative. Guess how a friend of mine found out that her 16 year old daughter was pregnant? That’s right. That kid was in text-messaging frenzy. Considering your son is 14 it’s probably something else!

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