Resolution Tuesday: Who'se the parent here, anyway?

Yes, yes, I missed Resolution Tuesday again, but I was so enjoying – and inspired by – the comments on this post that I didn’t want them to end. 

To revisit Resolution Tuesday: this is was the day I check checked in with my New Year’s Resolution to "mother less, but no less than necessary."

Do you think this missive from Youngest means I have slipped onto the wrong side of "no less than necessary" bar?

9 thoughts on “Resolution Tuesday: Who'se the parent here, anyway?

  1. Damn, that’s one resourceful kid. Did he hitchhike to Jeff’s or will you, his-no-less-than-necessary mother never truly have to know just how he got himself there?
    At least he left a note.

  2. Leaving a note of your whereabouts is common courtesy, whether you are kid or adult. Good job, Mom! You’ve taught him well. As for your own whereabouts, perhaps now he understands (empathy?!) why parents worry when they don’t know their child is.

  3. Love the note. I think it’s good for moms to be–briefly, occasionally–unable to be found (at least when kids are old enough to handle it). It balances out our hovering.

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