Take it from Mom….

If it weren’t for the genius of our ole babysitter, I would not be blogging today much less bringing you my mother’s take on mothering.  Thanks, David!

If you had it to do over again, what would you do less of?
I would be less controlling.  I would give more choice to the kids and allow them to grow through their own choices.  I would also be less judgmental.  And I would never use the word "fat."

If you had to do it over again what would you do more of?
I would like to have listened to all of you more.

Do you have any advice to give to a young mother?
Enjoy every moment of it. And take care of your body – stay fit and healthy so you have the energy and clarity of mind to enjoy it.

What do you think is one big mistake parents are making these days?
Complete absorption in their children – kids have become the only focus of the parents’ attention and when they hit the real world they are not going to know how to handle not being the center of the universe.

What was your best quality as a mother?
I just loved you all so much

Is there an end to motherhood?
Yes, death.

Until then, you rejoice in your children’s successes and cry at their pain.  Actually, motherhood just continues to expand, because you find yourself loving and caring for your children’s children too.


More tomorrow.

If you have a question you would like my Mom to answer, leave it in the comments. She had nine of us so she has a lot of wisdom to share…

11 thoughts on “Take it from Mom….

  1. Lord have mercy, nine children! My own mother opted for 4–but she herself was one of 19 children. My hats off to them.
    Two are more than I can handle on most days..

  2. I suppose we will all look back and think there are things we’d wish we could change about the way we parent or parented but in the end (at death), I think I will be happy to have just been good enough at this motherhood thing.

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