love, teenage style

Here is the card I received yesterday from Youngest. 

Over the years, each of my boys has given me a card with some version of the caveat Youngest included here. Each boy (in his turn and luckily not in the same year), has used Mother’s Day to acknowledge the  strain that his teenagerdom has put on our relationship. Youngest loves me and knows that he has not necessarily been acting in the most loving way lately.  I think this awareness that love involves responsibility is actually a huge developmental milestone scrawled on a piece of hotel notepaper.

And not only that, I got a backscratch out of it too. 


11 thoughts on “love, teenage style

  1. You’re so right on…self awareness is a huge sign of maturity. Happy Mother’s Day a few days late, Happy back scratch. And keep that note for times when he might need a little reminder that he’s forgotten to show his Mama the love she deserves.

  2. That’s right, count your blessings. It could always be worse.
    This year both girls have so much peril in their lives. I spoke to both on the phone a couple of times on Mother’s Day, but no acknowledgment of the day was ever forthcoming.
    I’m okay with that because I know they love me and they show me by sharing so much of their lives.
    But a back rub would be nice…

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