What's your Most Played?

Because I have – clearly – been doing pretty much anything other than blogging, I was playing around in my iPod library this morning when I randomly clicked on the "Most Played" column.

I was genuinely, seriously, shockingly surprised that the clear winner was….drum roll please:

Natalie Merchant's cover of Neil Young's After the Gold Rush.

I hunted around for a video of her singing it but alas, there was none.
There was, however, this version of the man himself singing it:

And then I found this kinda-sorta-maybe-related little gem.  Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe singing one of my favorite John Prine songs…

With luck, I'll be back with our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but in the meantime, what's your "most played?"


10 thoughts on “What's your Most Played?

  1. I don’t have an iPod (I know, I’m the last person not to have one…), but I’d guess it’s an almost-tie between Flyin’ by Emerson Hart and Things I Left Behind by Minibar.

  2. Actually, Neil Young is someone I’ve been following for 28 years, ever since I bought Rust Never Sleeps. I have no idea how many albums, bootleg tapes, in concert mp3s etc etc I actually have. The most played on my iPod today, however, is evidently Killing Joke’s “I’ll Never Let Them Get To Me”, closely followed by Ladyhawks, “S.T.H.D.”

  3. I need to know if Neil Young has just had those shirts for a really long time or if he buys them at the thrift store or if he has a staff of people breaking them in for him. Or what.
    Because he’s been working that distressed plaid shirt thing since way before those Seattle grunge kids came and went.

  4. Neil is the daddy (better than godfather) of grunge. And I love him. And I have always wondered about those shirts and the outfits those Eagles guys in their endless reunion concerts. Do badly dressed rock stars have more expensive ratty clothes than the rest of us?
    However, I don’t even have to look to tell you that “Like a Rolling stone” by bob dylan is the most played on my ipod. Sort of like Sartre’s Nausea in revealing the existential truth, but more fun to sing along. I am pitifully predictable in my musical taste. (bob, dolly, johnny, joni …)

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